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"I have just taken my first wind therapy ride and it was awesome! Exactly what I needed and was looking for.  For someone like me without the means to get one or friends who have motorcycles but have the desire to go for a ride, I was so happy to find out someone is finally offering such an experience.  It was so fun, I felt completely safe and comfortable.  Who wouldn't be on the back of a Harley, I wanted to ride all day. I am already planning my next ride with Wind Therapy and trust me it won't be the last. Pat is an excellent rider and both he and Shanna are very experienced and professional. For years I have wanted to get on the back of a motorcycle in our beautiful state and enjoy Arizona in this way.  Thank you Wind Therapy Rides for making this possible and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.  I can't say enough about how cool it is that this world is now available to anyone and you don't even have to buy a helmet, they lend you one. Although, I just might get my own because I absolutely plan on taking advantage of this regularly. There are so many places to see and now I know what stress relief means. There isn't a massage or spa day treatment that can top this, I need to ride.
Thank you my friends for sharing your time and bikes with the rest of us,"
April Francis-Mesa, AZ (2/8/15)

"Great people & great experience! For both experienced riders & first timers!" Laura - MN (3/20/15)

“Another perfect ride. Thank you so much see you soon for number three.” April F - Tempe (4/4/15)

our passion is traveling and exploring Arizona

"So I had a few days to explore AZ on my own while out west and thought this would be cool to try.  So glad I went through with it!  Shana and Pat were great.  I called before hand to find out what I should wear and who I could ride with and they were nothing but helpful and accommodating. Being alone I was nervous about riding with total strangers out in the desert and once I met them all my worries were gone.  The ride out to the White Tank Mountains was awesome and I would totally recommend this service to anyone who is literally trying to just sit back and just enjoy the view." Cristina A - Randolph, NJ (4/13/15)

"An amazing experience with great people! We headed to the White Tanks and it was a very enjoyable ride. I'll definitely be riding with them again soon." Shannon L - Peoria, AZ (4/28/15)

"Fantastic ride, awesome people, beautiful scenery!! LOVED it!!" Susie R - Phoenix, AZ (4/31/15)

"The ride to the white tank mountains was phenomenal. Great people and beautiful scenery." Annmarie M - Phoenix, AZ (6/12/15)

​"Today my sis and I went on our Wind Therapy Rides and it was amazing thank you to Shawn and Shanna Pat for the awesome ride up to Yarnell. I love it. If you wan to feel the ride of a Harley and not the cost of owning or buying one hit them up. You will not regret it at all. Absolutely love them." Annmarie M - Phoenix, AZ (7/8/15)

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